*NEW* Rethinking police demand *NEW*Potential impact of interventions on the size of the prison population - A Report for the Prison Reform Trust *NEW* Potential impact of interventions on the size of the prison population - Additional cases *NEW*:What are the main determinants of the size and composition of the prison population in England & Wales? Can electronic monitoring reduce demand for prison places? Divert offenders away from short prison sentences? Executive release? How much respite could it provide? Hidden Offending? Preventing harm from dangerous offenders Three Strikes sentencing policies What would honesty in sentencing mean? What is the incapacitative effect of prison?
Policy Scenarios

The index below points to a set of policy scenarios, practice issues or more general questions related to crime and offending,  being explored through simulation
We intend this to be a growing repository of quantitatively analysed criminal justice ideas.  The results published here do not represent a complete assessment of each example. In particular the costs of implementing and operating realistic alternatives, compared  to no-change, are not yet assessed.  Rather, the examples at this stage are exploratory and do not represent fully worked out proposals. 

In some cases it would not make sense to over-analyse particular ideas. Some are included not because they are particularly realistic but because they help provide insight into the dynamics of the criminal justice system and therefore help assess, on more general grounds, whether a particular direction would be more or less attractive, such as whether they would be likely to add to the size of the prison population or reduce it, or would make a positive impact toward rehabilitation objectives  Examples of these include such issues as honesty in sentencing, three strikes policies, and executive release.

However, all the examples are being kept under review and will be updated periodically, to reflect extensions to the analysis of each case, improvements to the simulation engine and its scope, and in terms of new questions that are being investigated. 

The application of scientific, quantitative methods to questions of policy and practice in criminal justice