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We are a boutique group of experts focused on offering our clients data analysis and statistical modelling capability.

We provide both data modelling applications and research/analytical services that help you pull together, analyse and understand the data that is important to your organisation.
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Our Research & Analytical Services

When time and resources aren't on your side, we can carry out the research, statistical modelling and data analysis that you need. Visit our News & Examples page for some examples of our work.
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Our Data Modelling Applications

Our statistical models take real-world data and simulate how they operate. This enables our clients to explore different scenarios for making policy and practice changes and the possible impact on current and future operations.
Environs is a unique application that brings together a wide variety of publicly available UK data to give a holistic picture of a local area's character. It's packed with socio-demographics data, deprivation, crime, fire, health data and more.  It also includes forecasting functionality, so you can look ahead to the possible future. Visit www.environs.app to find out more.
Justice Episteme is working with Crest Advisory to deliver Poliscope, a methodology advice service that supports police force decision-makers and analysts in strategic planning and decision-making of their demand and workload. For more information on Poliscope, case studies and the latest news please visit the website at www.poliscope.org.uk
Our CJS app models the flow of cases across the criminal justice system and is able to quantitatively explore a range of measures of crime, sentencing and their social impact. Examples of how these simulations have been used can be found in our News & Examples page.

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See examples of our work and our latest news.
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