Applying scientific, quantitative methods to justice policy and practice questions

Putting The Numbers To Work

We are experts in data science and quantitative methods. Using languages like R and Python, we have developed statistical models that take real-world data and simulate how justice systems operate.  Our models enable our clients to understand the cause and effect of making policy and practice changes and the impact on current and future operations.

For examples of how our statistical models can be used visit our Research page.

Our Products

Justice Episteme is working with Crest Advisory to deliver Poliscope, a methodology advice service that supports police force decision-makers and analysts in strategic planning and decision-making of their demand and workload.
We are now delivering Poliscope in partnership with Bedfordshire and Nottingham police forces, but we have also created a national Poliscope version which uses data from and makes forecasts of crime trends into the future.
For more information on Poliscope, case studies and the latest news please visit the website at
We have also developed bespoke 'system dynamic' simulations, modelling flows of cases across the criminal justice system and are able to explore quantitatively a range of measures of crime, sentencing and their social impact. Some examples of how these simulations have been used can be found on the Research page.
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